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The 2018 show season has kicked off and before we know it March is upon us, we thank everyone who has entered in the FCCQ Kitten Show and hope you all have an excellent day.

Our FCCQ March shows lets the adults strut their stuff along with the kittens, in the comfort of the air conditioned Strathpine Community Centre. FCCQ has listened to exhibitors and in 2018 our shows will be on both the northside and southside of Brisbane.

I would like to remind everybody that Entries close this Friday 16th February. Late entries cannot be guaranteed. The best way to ensure you are entered is to send it through to me this week robbie.walker@internode.on.net

We have a fantastic line up of judges, Jane Slabbert from New Zealand and Sue Barr & Kerry Fowler from interstate as well as our local judges who will ensure we have a friendly and fun show.

We also have to thank OzPet litter and Advance for their fantastic support in sponsoring the show. Look forward to seeing you there!!

Show Manager
0429 422 131 (Befor 8.00pm)

Notice to all Financial Members of FCCQ

The Annual General Meeting of the Feline Control Council of Queensland Inc. is to be held at Souths Sports Club at 7.00 pm on Thursday , 22nd March, 2018
Nominations are invited for the following executive positions:
President Vice-President Honorary Secretary Membership Secretary Honorary Treasurer

Any nominations should be submitted onthe official form and be sent to the Honorary Secretary no later than 22nd February, 2018
If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may appoint a proxy.
For forms or more information please contact the Secretary on secretaryfccqinc@gmail.com

FCCQ now has a Code of Ethics for Exhibitors as well as a Code of Ethics for Breeders, both can be downloaded from the link on the menu.

Neither ACF or CCCA recognise The Independent Cat Council (AICC) in any way. We do not accept their pedigrees and so FCCQ will not register cats or kittens from this organisation.

March 2017 Supreme Following on from our survey of exhibitors in 2017, FCCQ has decided to make a few changes in line with some of those suggestions. One of those changes will be the way we judge Supreme Exhibit at the shows in 2017. Each judge will select a single Best Exhibit from all the cats they judge on the day rather than selecting their Best Cat, Best Kitten and Best Alter to go up to the Supreme Judge at the end of the show. This will reduce the number of cats that the Supreme Judge has to handle at the end of the show. We do understand that exhibitors wish to get their cats home after a long day confined to cages but we also feel that the Supreme Cat and the Supreme Companion of Show is the finale of the show and we trust that our exhibitors feel the same and wish to stay and congratulate the Supreme winners!

There has been a change to the price of litter registrations which is now $10.00 per litter plus $5.00 per kitten.

The bank account details for direct banking to FCCQ council shows only is Bank of Queensland BSB 124057 Account number 22002154 - Please note that our clubs have different account numbers so please check the show schedule before making deposit.

Please ensure that when making a direct deposit say who it is from and what its for.
If you can't fit it all in, then please send an email to the treasurer at treasurerfccqinc@gmail.com with a breakup of the amounts paid using subject line FCCQ DEPOSIT TO ACCOUNT or similar so they can be found.

Supreme Exhibit of the Year 2017

Tellassee King Lear (NZ)
Breeder: R Copland Exhibitor: J Dennington

More photos of our winners and the Cat of the Year Lunch can be viewed here.