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Cat of the Year Lunch
Saturday 8 January 2022
Wagz Cafe, Dogs Queensland Grounds, 247 King Avenue, DURACK

FCCQ Inc would like to extend an invitation to you to attend this great day of fun. This is an opportunity for all members, breeders, exhibitors & friends to celebrate the achievements of the award-winning exhibits in 2021 and welcome the 2022 show year

For more information please click on this link


We are very sad to announce that, after 29 years, Ros Bird is finishing up as FCCQ's registrar. A new registrar will be announced soon, however in the meantime Penny Bydlinski will be acting in the position from early October.

There may be a short delay in registrations in this interim period and FCCQ would ask for your patience and understanding. FCCQ wish Ros all the very best for her future endeavours and thank her for all the hard work she has done for FCCQ and our members over many years.


FCCQ voted to include the postage in the price of services. The amended fees will apply from 1 July 2021 and a new scale of fees will be emailed to members and uploaded to the website.


Please ensure that when making a direct deposit use reference Surname/what it is for eg: Jones/Litter
If you can't fit it all in, then please send an email to the treasurer at treasurerfccqinc@gmail.com with a breakup of the amounts paid using subject line FCCQ DEPOSIT TO ACCOUNT or similar so they can be found.


New Breeder Requirement

As of January 1st, 2021, All kittens born AFTER this date, and being sold as PETS, are required to be desexed. Only kittens being transferred to registered breeders, who are members of a recognized registering body, will have their Application for Registration processed. Breeders must provide the registering body of the breeder, their prefix and their member number, so that verification can be done.

This decision will not affect many of our Registered Breeders – the majority already carry out early desexing so will not have to do anything different except we would ask that your vet provide a certificate of desexing for all kittens – with their microchip numbers included.

While FCCQ recognizes that there are risks with any surgery, kittens that have achieved 1kg in weight are considered safe to desex. FCCQ is compiling a list of vets around the state that practise early desexing. Should you need these details, please contact either the FCCQ Secretary or Registrar and they will do their best to assist you.

Should you have a vet that does early desex, FCCQ would appreciate it if you could provide the vet details to the Secretary of FCCQ secretaryfccqinc@gmail.com.


FCCQ now has a Code of Ethics for Exhibitors as well as a Code of Ethics for Breeders, both can be downloaded from the link on the menu.


Cat Of The Year – Information

Best of Breed, to qualify you must attend a minimum of three (3) FCCQ shows  and have a minimum of 9 points.

  1. Prefix of the year - ONLY FCCQ breeders are eligible for this award
  2. FCCQ COTY award points are 1 st -  - 100,  2 nd  - 75 and 3 rd  - 50 for Kitten/Entire/Desexed of the year for both Longhair, Shorthair and Companion
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Neither ACF or CCCA recognise The Independent Cat Council (AICC) in any way. We do not accept their pedigrees and so FCCQ will not register cats or kittens from this organisation.

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