Best of Breed Progress 2022

Best of Breed Score 1 point for each Exhibit of Breed. To qualify for Best of Breed, the Exhibit must have accumulated nine (9) or more points at FCCQ Inc. shows in the year.

PLEASE NOTE: If an exhibitor notices any discrepancy between the points listed and those awarded to their exhibit, please email the Secretary so the count can be investigated and altered if required.

Points are shown for up until July 2022

Below are the exhibits that have qualified

Shakandah Sienna RoseP ErridgeQualified48
Hoshiko Mister SpockK FallonNeeds 2 Shows13
Sunsoar OrlandoS FairchildNeeds 2 Shows13
Exotic Shorthair   
Darci B Good 4 UsD & T MorrisonNeeds 1 Show21
Maine Coon   
Supercoons ChessE BrittonNeeds 1 Show29
Fidelis Agent GibbsC SmithNeeds 1 Show15
Fidelis Drops Of JupiterT CrockerNeeds 1 Show12
LTrend MemoryM SmithNeeds 1 Show12
Karahaven Blue BotticelliD & T MorrisonNeeds 1 Show40
Chainoponds WolfeJ ComrieNeeds 1 Show15
Tipasheena Million Dollar BabyJ & R ClarkeNeeds 1 Show33
Grathbrae Hans N HeartK MackieNeeds 2 Shows21
Grathbrae Sweet MollyC McGrathNeeds 2 Shows21
Kiwimagic Two Worlds CollideC McGrathNeeds 2 Shows21
Chaynikoty The JokerP KettleNeeds 2 Shows27
Miakoschka KazzimirM MahoneyNeeds 2 Shows20
Prideshill Diablo ChilliB GallagherNeeds 2 Shows15

Osiris (V) Ooh La LaM & S ShawnNeeds 1 Show26
Swift FlashdanceG & M ClignettQualified23
American Shorthair   
Frascott Roll The DiceC PrykeNeeds 1 Show8
Australian Mist   
Silverado Freya Goddess Of LoveD MarshNeeds 2 Shows4
Adelhills Danerys PassionC PrussQualified31
Catempire Lord MarmadukeC PrussNeeds 1 Show21
British Shorthair   
Carinya Whispering JackJ GablonskiNeeds 1 Show22
Britz Tailor Of GlouchesterT Cox & R ClarkNeeds 1 Show13
Belshogar Argyle DiamondM ThistlewaiteQualified40
Belshogar Sgt Peppers HeartM ThistlewaiteNeeds 2 Shows20
Belshogar Pink DiamondsM ThistlewaiteNeeds 2 Shows15
Bahati Imperial JadeD MarshNeeds 2 Shows4
Devon Rex   
Starseed Cosmic AmorL StewartNeeds 1 Show10
Foreign White   
Elygrad Prince O DiamondsC PrykeNeeds 1 Show8
Ratchasima (Aust) Si Fah RatanaE VincentNeeds 2 Shows6
Bahati Hidden TreasureC DyettQualified24
Minimartini BraveheartS MartiniNeeds 2 Shows16
Barradene Special LegacyL McInnesNeeds 1 Show11
Hareem A Magical GiftE GilbertNeeds 2 Shows10
Uki AshaP VennessNeeds 1 Show12

Scottish Longhair   
Birchfield Midnight StarJ & P GablonskiNeeds 1 Show12
Serendippidee ShintoB PenglisNeeds 2 Shows18
Jesseniah TenayehL McInnesNeeds 2 Shows10
Nareira MurrayJ YardleyNeeds 2 Shows4
Manis Just Pure MiracleS Henriksen & R McGregorNeeds 1 Show23
Aztec Lady DiannaS WiseNeeds 1 Show10