Best of Breed Progress 2022

Best of Breed Score 1 point for each Exhibit of Breed. To qualify for Best of Breed, the Exhibit must have accumulated nine (9) or more points at FCCQ Inc. shows in the year.

PLEASE NOTE: If an exhibitor notices any discrepancy between the points listed and those awarded to their exhibit, please email the Secretary so the count can be investigated and altered if required.

Points are shown for up until January 2022

Below are the exhibits that have qualified

BirmanShakandah Sienna RoseP ErridgeNeed 2 Shows23
Bobbysocks BeatrixD Figg8
Xoxo Kiset HugsK Petri8
Exotic ShorthairGlevum ConstantineM Cooper8
Maine CoonFidelis Drops Of JupiterT Crocker8
Fidelis Agent GibbsC Smith8
LTrend MemoryM Smith8
Supercoons WolverineS Booyse8
PersianChainoponds WolfePersianJ Comrie8
RagdollTipasheena HenriettaJ & R ClarkeNeed 2 Shows18
Grathbrae Touch Of ClassJ GleadhillNeed 2 Shows17
Kiwimagic Born To ShineC McGrathNeed 2 Shows17
Tipasheena Million Dollar BabyJ & R ClarkeNeed 2 Shows17
SiberianChaynikoty The JokerP KettleNeed 2 Shows27
Prideshill PepperB GallagherNeed 2 Shows9
AbyssinianOsiris (V) Cali Fawnia DreaminL FieldNeed 2 Shows10
Swift FlashdanceG & M ClignettNeed 2 Shows10
BengalAdelhills Danerys PassionC Pruss4
Catempire Lord MarmadukeC PrussNeed 2 Shows15
British ShorthairCarinya Whispering JackJ Gablonski8
Thistlepaw VasyaJ Dennington8
BurmeseBelshogar Argyle DiamondM ThistlewaiteNeed 2 Shows15
Mysanda ClausC Dyett3
MandalayBahati Hidden TreasureC DyettNeed 2 Shows9
Bahati Maison De NoirC Dyett3
MunchkinMinimartini BraveheartS MartiniNeed 2 Shows16
OrientalRislani Lady FreyaJ McConnell8
RussianUki AshaP Venness8
Scottish LonghairBirchfield Midnight StarJ & P Gablonski8
SiameseSerendippidee ShintoB PenglisNeed 2 Shows18
Hareem Amazing SpiceJ McConnell2
SphynxManis Just Pure MiracleS Henriksen & R McGregor8