Best of Breed Progress 2023

Best of Breed Score 1 point for each Exhibit of Breed. To qualify for Best of Breed, the Exhibit must have accumulated nine (9) or more points at FCCQ Inc. shows in the year.

PLEASE NOTE: If an exhibitor notices any discrepancy between the points listed and those awarded to their exhibit, please email the Secretary so the count can be investigated and altered if required.

Points are for shows up to July 2023

Below are the exhibits that have qualified

Birman Shakandah Sienna Rose P Erridge Need 1 Show 28
Brincat Taka Harna L Debrincat Qualified 23
Nicsha Divani M Mahoney Need 2 Shows 23
Exotic Shorthair Ollydee Oliver Twist D & T Morrison Qualified 19
Glevum Yumyum M Cooper 8
Maine CoonFidelis Agent Gibbs C Smith Qualified 16
LTrend Memory M Smith Qualified 13
PersianTwomor Aussie Sunset D & T Morrison Qualified 16
RagdollSurarags Harmony J Gleadhill Qualified 57
Tipasheena Here Comes Trouble R, J, & R Clarke 20
Tipasheena Million Dollar Baaby R, J, & R Clarke 20
Tipasheena Princess Delilah R, J, & R Clarke 20
Wroxton Lord Atticus K Johnston 20
SiberianMiakoschka Kazzimir M Mahoney Need 1 Show 24
Kwinana George B Gallagher Qualified 14
Prideshill Anya B Gallagher Need 1 Show 12
AbyssinianAbysrok Jinx Monsoon C Mangin & A Ashby Qualified 23
Osiris (V) Blue Enchantment J Caunce Qualified 9
Abysrok The Final Straw C Mangin & A Ashby 8
American Shorthair Frascott Roll The Dice C Pyrke 6
Australian Mist Alora Colajust A Foolin H Muir 12
BengalMigaloo Catalina K Williams Need 1 Show 16
Migaloo Winter Spice K Williams Need 1 Show 9
Migaloo Kenji K Williams 8
British ShorthairBirchfield Super Trooper J Gablonski 13
Marbella Beauty Of Solace J Dennington Qualified 13
BurmeseSabokah Torque N Dirty B Sorensen Need 1 Show 12
Kittykatz Call Of Destiny S Wise Need 2 Shows 10
Recherche Barbarossa C Dyett Need 2 Shows 10
Burmilla Bahati Imperial Jade C Dyett Need 2 Shows 6
Miamber King Of Thieves C Dyett 6
Devon RexManis Lil Sparkle S Henriksen & R McGregor 4
Foreign White Elygrad Prince O Diamonds C Pryke 4
KoratRatchasima(Aust) Lalana E Vincent Need 2 Shows 6
MandalayBahati I Kissed A Girl C Dyett Qualified 21
Bahati Maison Noir C Dyett Need 1 Show 9
Oriental Barradene Special Legacy L McInnes Needs 2 Shows 6
Hareem A Magical Gift E Gilbert 4
Russian Azureblue Kasiovangelica J Gowen 6
Babushkablue Archimedes J Gowen 6
Siamese Jesseniah Zariah M Brown Need 1 Show 16
Jesseniah Oscarh Valorentti M Brown Qualified 15
Sphynx Furrkin Just Grin And Bare It S White Qualified 20
Manis Pure Diva S Henriksen & R McGregor Needs 2 Shows 12
TonkineseAztel Little Miss Charlotte S Wise Qualified 13
Aztec Dixie May S Wise 6
Aztec Mookoo S Wise 9