Cat of the Year 2023

Cat of the Year 2023 scoring awards points as follows 1st=100 points, 2nd=75 points, 3rd=50 points

PLEASE NOTE: If an exhibitor notices any discrepancy between the points listed and those awarded to their exhibit, please email the Secretary so the count can be investigated and altered if required.

This system will also be used for Prefix of the year.

Cat/Kitten of the Year - In the event of a tie, the exhibit with the greatest number of BIS awards will be awarded the COY title.

Points are for shows up to july 2023

Longhair Kittens
Kwinana GeorgeSiberianB GallagherQualified404
Tipasheena A Million To OneRagdollR, J & R ClarkeQualified363
Prideshill ZeetaSiberianB GallagherQualified310
Twomor Aussie SunsetPersianD & T MorrisonNeed 1 BIS296
Waggy OnigiriRagdollM Waghorn290
Brincat Taka HarneBirmanL Debrincat267
Sarikamajik HaraniBirmanL Robinson255
Longhair Entire Cats
Surarags HarmonyRagdollJ GleadhillQualified872
Ollydee Oliver TwistExotic ShorthairD & T MorrisonNeed 1 BIS329
Prideshill AnyaSiberianB GallagherQualified316
Miakoschka KazzimirSiberianM Mahoney278
Nicsha DivaniBirmanM Mahoney253
Longhair Desexed Cats
Fidelis Agent GibbsMaine CoonC SmithQualified1171
Hoshiko Mister SpockBirmanK FallonQualified720
Shakandah Sienna RoseBirmanT ErridgeQualified702
LTrend MemoryMaine CoonM SmithQualified536
Shorthair Kittens
Bahati I Kissed A GirlMandalayC DyettQualified728
Abysrok The Final StrawAbyssinianC ManginQualified497
Osiris (V) C'Est MoiAbyssinianJ CaunceQualified404
Manis Jaeger BombSphynxS Henriksen & R McGregorQualified388
WKD Dark N HexyDevon RexA Mann215
Shorthair Entire Cats
Bahati Maison De NoirMandalayC DyettQualified560
Osiris (V) Blue EnchantmentAbyssinianJ Caunce338
Babushkablue ArchimedesRussianJ GowenQualified304
Aztec MookooTonkineseS Wise297
Sabokah Torque N DirtyBurmeseB Sorensen245
Shorthair Desexed Cats
Abysrok Jinx MonsoonAbyssinianC ManginQualified1177
Jesseniah Oscarh ValorenttiSiameseM  BrownQualified511
Jesseniah ZariahSiameseM  BrownQualified500
Bahati Hidden TreasureMandalayC DyettNeed 1 BIS494
Furrkin Just Grin And Bare ItSphynxS WhiteQualified303
Hippity Hop Dew DropJ ScowenQualified817
Joya VillanelleM BrownQualified690
CasperT ErridgeQualified517
JackJ YardleyQualified493
Dusty WilkinsonH WilkinsonQualified483