Cat of the Year 2024

Cat of the Year 2024 scoring awards points as follows 1st=100 points, 2nd=75 points, 3rd=50 points

PLEASE NOTE: If an exhibitor notices any discrepancy between the points listed and those awarded to their exhibit, please email the Secretary so the count can be investigated and altered if required.

This system will also be used for Prefix of the year.

Cat/Kitten of the Year - In the event of a tie, the exhibit with the greatest number of BIS awards will be awarded the COY title.

Points are for shows up to

As at January 2024 Show
Longhair Kittens
Mysticrose Walking In Memphis Ragdoll J & R Clarke 166
Stenmah Frankie Flirter Birman C Maher 164
Feanor ZsaZsa Gabor Birman J Sandercock 109
Exklusiven Heading To Huntly Maine Coon T McManus 107
Longhair Entire Cats
Tipasheena A Million To One Ragdoll J, R & R Clarke 272
Prideshill Amara Siberian B Gallagher 164
Miakoschka Kazzimir Siberian M Mahoney 108
Longhair Desexed Cats
Shakandah Sienna Rose Birman T Erridge 258
L'Trend Memory Maine Coon M Smith 198
Sarikamajik Harani Birman L Robinson 172
Twomor Murphy's Reward Exotic Shorthair D & T Morrison 136
Shorthair Kittens
Amazing Miss Dior Burmese T Walker 125
Bahati Michelin Star Mandalay C Dyett 125
Manis Chocolate Addiction Sphynx S Henriksen & R McGregor 125
Ashanti Flammin Hot Oriental J McConnell 100
Azureblue Aurora Russian J Gowen 100
Osiris(V) Bomb Proof Abyssinian M & S Shawn 100
Shorthair Entire Cats
Belshogar Argyle Diamond Burmese M Thistlewaite 259
Hareem Rise To Stardom Oriental J Biddle 172
Osiris(V) Blue Enchantment Abyssinian J Caunce 112
Shorthair Desexed Cats
Swift Jewel In The Crown Abyssinian G & M Clignett 261
Jesseniah Oscarh Valorentti Siamese M Brown 200
Miamber King Of Thieves Burmilla C Dyett 113
Joya Villanelle M Brown 166
Mr Squiggle B Jones 166
Casper T Erridge 109
Georgie Girl J Hayton 109

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