Registrars Information

All forms have been updated, please delete any previously saved forms with the new forms

Please ensure the payment and direct deposit sections on the form are completed to avoid delays.

All litter registrations and transfers must show a microchip number, otherwise they will not be registered.

All kittens must be registered within 9 months whether they are sold as pets or kept for breeding.

Ensure the sex of the kitten is correct, whether the kitten is male (entire}, female (entire}, neutered or spay

Make sure postage is included in the price

When transferring kittens/cats, the original pedigree must be submitted.

When applying for a Higher Status upgrade, copies of challenge certificates must accompany the application form.

Please check the FCCQ Inc. website regularly for updates.

Make sure to keep a copy of paperwork sent for your records.

When you need to microchip

The latest legislation downloaded February 2014 for microchipping from

A microchip is a permanent identification device that can be implanted into a cat or dog and is designed to record information in a way that that can be electronically retrieved.

Microchipping current pets

If you own a cat or dog that was born before 10 April 2009 it is not mandatory for you to microchip your cat or dog, unless it is a regulated dog. If you decide to give away or sell your cat or dog, you must ensure it is microchipped before the change in ownership takes place.

Therefore in line with this law all litter registrations and transfers must show a microchip number


Note: The bank account details for direct banking has changed to
Bank of Queensland BSB 124057 Account number 22002154



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